Catholic Secondary Principals' Association of Western Australia

Aim & Objectives

The aim of the Association is to assist members to serve the educational needs of the Catholic secondary schools of Western Australia in accordance with the Bishops' Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia.

In line with this aim the Association has three formal objectives:

  • To contribute to the development of educational policy in West Australian secondary education
  • To promote the professional development of members
  • To exercise a practical pastoral role in relation to the welfare of members.

The Association works collaboratively with the Catholic Education Office and other organisations to achieve its aim and objects through:

  • Membership of, and consultation with, Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia [CECWA] Working Parties
  • Representation on and direct consultation with all CECWA Standing Committees
  • Ongoing consultation with the Catholic Education Office
  • Representation on, and consultation with, other Catholic Education bodies
  • Representation on those committees that jointly represent non-government schools
  • Establishing professional relationships with the Catholic Primary Principals' Association, the Catholic Secondary Deputy Principals' Association and similar organisations of Secondary Principals.